What do we offer you?

After so many years of experience, Vacansoleil is well-placed to make sure you get everything you need when on the campsite as well as before you depart. Please be aware that salary and accommodation can be different at each campsite.

A great experience

An international experience you will never forget. You will make new friendships, improve your languages and experience a summer you'll always remember.


While you're at the campsite you will receive constant support from Vacansoleil. When you have questions or problems you can reach the Vacansoleil Camping Jobs team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


While you're working at the campsite you will wear clothing provided by Vacansoleil, so that you are recognisable to the guests.


TeamIt's important to Vacansoleil that you leave for the campsite well prepared. So, before you start working at the campsite, we offer you a training course. Please note that when you are employed as an entertainer you will be required to attend a training course in Holland.


After you have finished your summer job, Vacansoleil will send you an international certificate. This certificate is a nice addition to your CV.


When you start working abroad for Vacansoleil we will make sure you have custom-made travel insurance.


Every year, after a season of hard work at the campsite, Vacansoleil organises a fun reunion. At the reunion you can meet up with all your colleagues one more time and end the season in a fun way.


Experiences of Employees

Wondering what it is like to work at one of our campsites, as for example an entertainer, a receptionist or a courier?

Here’s what our personnel have to say...

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