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Vacansoleil since 1969

The company was founded in 1969, offering luxury camping holidays at affordable prices. Today, Vacansoleil is the market leader in Europe, and we are still growing. We have an enthusiastic team of 170 office employees and over 1250 colleagues at 450 top campsites who help holidaymakers have the time of their life in luxury accommodation at reasonable prices. For more information, visit www.vacansoleil.com

Named Best Travel Company for Camping Holidays for the seventh time

Vacansoleil is well-known among the holidaymakers. For years now Vacansoleil has been the market leader in Europe in the area of self-drive camping holidays.

Proof that we do this very well is reinforced by the fact that Vacansoleil was named as ''Best Travel Company for Camping Holidays'' at a 2013 holiday exhibition. Vacansoleil won with a convincing 49% of the votes given by travel agencies and the trade press. Vacansoleil received the ''Feather'' award for the seventh time. In 2013 it was for the fifth year in a row.

Iris Parc

Iris Parc was founded in 2003 and works in conjunction with Vacansoleil Camping Holidays. In co-operation with Iris Parc, Vacansoleil can implement its holiday philosophy on top campsites for an affordable price. As a result, each Iris Parc campsite must meet our high standards of quality in regards to its accommodation, facilities, leisure, entertainment, restaurant and lay-out.

The first campsite Le Chêne Gris was purchased in 2004, and is perfectly located close to Paris. The second campsite Le Grand Dague was purchased in 2009, situated close to Périgueux in the Dordogne. The third one was purchased in October 2011 at Châteauneuf de Galaure, Campsite Châteauneuf de Galaure. In the coming years Iris Parc would like to develop a chain of campsites all over Europe.



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