Application procedure

1. Online application

You can apply for the vacancies via this website. You can also complete an open application.

2. Selection

When we receive your application we will check your education, work experience, other experience, language skills, your availability and, of course, your motivation. In 5 working days we will let you know by e-mail of phone if we will invite you for an interview.

3. Interview

If we have invited you for an interview, then you will meet with one of our recruiters. They will speak with you about your experience, knowledge and motivation. They will also inform you about our organisation and about the job you are applying for. After the interview you will hear if we can offer you a job at Vacansoleil, normally within 5 working days.

4. Job proposal

After we have told you the good news, you will receive the offer by e-mail. Once you sign the job proposal, you will be given access to all the information you need before departure.

Vacansoleil Talent Pool

If you apply and we are interested in your CV but we don't have any suitable vacancies, we may decide to add you to our talent pool. If a suitable vacancy becomes available we will contact you.