Are you at your best while bartending, serving or cooking? There are plenty of possibilities within Vacansoleil if you are looking for a job in catering. Think about jobs such as bartender, waiter or cook, but every year we also look for colleagues with management skills like (assistant)restaurant managers, sous-chefs and chef-cooks. So, would you like to work during the summer or for a full season? There are lots of options!

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Horeca Testimonial

Amber - Hospitality Employee

"Since finishing my study in hospitality management, I have worked mainly in the catering area on the campsite. The best part is the versatility and contact with the guests. No two days are the same on a campsite!"

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  • are at least 18 years old.
  • are available in July and August or longer.
  • are service oriented and representative.
  • do not have a '9 to 5' mentality.
  • preferably have experience in the catering industry.

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There are currently no vacancies in this field of work.

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