As an animator you are responsable for entertaining the guests. It's a responsable and varied job, suitable for someone who is very energetic and has always a smile on their face. Along with your team, you are responsable for the activity program. Think of activities like mini-disco, interactive theatre, sports and evening specials like shows and musicals.

Campingtainment is the Vacansoleil entertainment formula, which is offered on many Vacansoleil campsites. Campintainment has 3 formulas: Camping Kids for children, Camping for You! for teenagers and Camping Family for the whole family. It differs per campsite which formula is offered, but Camping Kids is always there.

Within the entertainment sector we have serval jobs available: chief animator, teenager animator, children's animator, sports animator  and show & musical animator.

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Kenneth - Animator

"Thank you very much for the great holiday! We are looking forward to see you and your team next year again." That's what makes you happy as animator!


  • are at least 18 years old.
  • are available from the beginning of July until the end of August.
  • are very energetic.
  • have experience of working with children.
  • speak good English and preferably French, Italian, Spanish or Danish.

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There are currently no vacancies in this field of work.

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