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Work on one of the 490 campsites in 16 European countries with Vacansoleil.

Thanks to more than 1200 employees at the campsites, Vacansoleil guests are able to enjoy a carefree holiday. Vacansoleil offers several different jobs and traineeships.

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Roland Vogels 65x65

Roland - Receptionist

“After a season in France, I could dream in French. This experience helped me with my admission to my international study.”

Tara - Chief entertainer

“Working as a chief entertainer is by far the highlight of my 21st anniversary.”


Ard - Montage leader

“It's hard work but the teamwork is so much fun!"

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Animatiewerk Vacansoleil

A very useful entertainment training at Vacansoleil!

Each year over 400 international employees and trainees start working in the entertainment for Vacansoleil. We find it very important that every colleague starts well trained and knows what to expect. During the 4-day training we teach you all about our entertainment program with interactive theater, sports, show and a lot more! Would you like to join our enthousiastic team of animators at Vacansoleil?

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