Nienke did a 6-week internship in Belgium last summer.

Six weeks doing an internship, taking care of yourself and carrying your own responsibilities.  Nienke has experienced this and tells you her personal story.


Last summer I did my summer internship in Belgium, together with my classmate Mara. Six fun, exciting, active and challenging weeks were ahead of us. The pair of us together, we were super excited! Six weeks of your own responsibilities, independence and freedom. Together with 5 other colleagues, our team on Colline de Rabais was complete. The journey to the campsite was exciting. Where would we end up? Eventually we arrived. At first sight, the campsite looked good. What a relief!

You get to know yourself really well


After the introduction to the other colleagues, it was time to enjoy the sunshine. The first day was tiring. After the long trip, all the impressions and our first mini disco, it was time to go to sleep. The first week flew by. Fortunately for us, it was still quiet at the campsite and we could work with the children and get used to the situation.

You get to know yourself really well as the weeks pass. You are given a lot of responsibilities and you have to take care of yourself. If you're not feeling happy you have to rise above it – you always have to be cheerful when you're around the kids and when you're wearing work clothes. That is sometimes a lot to ask but fortunately it was always fun with the kids and they always cheered me up.

Hard work, but also plenty of fun


The weeks flew by. You seem to enjoy everything you do, because now you're here and in a few weeks you'll be back home. You have to make the most of your time here.

Although you have many tasks and responsibilities, you have complete freedom. You can do whatever you want during your free time... And we did. After we finished work each evening,  we were always socialising with colleagues, which sometimes continued until late into the night. And we didn't always stay in the caravan, we also went out to festivals, a trip to Luxembourg, shopping and other fun activities.

After a while, you build a relationship with the childrenNienke4

There was always something to do at the campsite and it was always fun. Not only with the team, but with the kids too. Together with the kids you experience a lot. Some kids try anything straight away, speak up immediately and are very open and social. But there are also many kids who dare not at first, and some of them are a little afraid or shy. But they get used to us after a few days, and at some point you get a connection with the kids. Then comes the time when you have to say goodbye to them. Lots of kids find that even harder than you.


It was a time I will always remember

The weeks flew by. You are having such a great time, but everything comes to an end. The parting was difficult, but we were glad to be back on Dutch territory. Then we had 2 weeks of vacation left before school started again for us.

Thinking back to the time I was there, I had a blast and I would do it again without a second thought. I've learned, seen, experienced and done so much. It was an experience I will never forget and a time that I will always remember fondly.