Mike talks about his first placement abroad

It is exciting of course, but above all a lot of fun; your first internship at a campsite abroad. Below Mike tells his story.

Hi, my name is Mike Drost and I am a student at the Vacansoleil Leisure Academy in Amsterdam. This year I did my an allround internship at campsite Chateau de Galaura in France. This was my first internship at a campsite abroad, so the tension was there!

To give you an impression of the things I did during my internship, I will tell about a working day on the campsite. The  working days were always a lot of fun and every day was different.  Mike Drost 1

08:30. The alarm is ringing

The alarm rings and I realise that there is another fun day ahead of me. I'm getting ready, put on my Camping Kids clothes and I walk to the meeting at the Kids Club. There our head animator discusses what we are  gonna do in the Kids Club today. After that we walk towards the backstage to turn on the  sound system for the Village Dance. After the Village Dacne we walk back to the Mini Club, to make everything ready for the rest of the day. Around 10:30 the Mini Club starts. There are already a lot of exciting kids that want to do fun things with us. At the end of the morning all children are picked up by their parents. Then we can clean everything up of course! Afterwards we have earned a break.

14:30. The break is over Mike Drost 5

It is time for the Village Dance again. When we dit the dance, we always tell the program for the rest of the day. First we start with Camping Mix. It's the older children's turn! We play fun games and the time flies. The next activity is already on the schedule; pool games! All kinds of pool games. For example a slide race, that all the kids want to win! After the pool games it's time to have some rest and for some fine cooking.

18:30. Tipy and Flora time! Mike Drost 3

Every day Tipy and Flora showed up at night. Backstage, and on stage, we prepared everything for their arrival. Tonight they're doing interactive theater. All children love it! Then it's time for the mini disco. All animators come on stage to dance with Tipy and Flora. Everyone goes absolutely crazy! At the end of the mini disco we have a special dance for the parents. All children are trying to get their parents to come along to dance.

21:00. Then it was already evening...

From 21:00 we had an evening event on the schedule. The evening event was different every night. This varied from game shows to musicals, to a crazy bingo. Afterwards we clean everything together, discuss the day and have a drink. Then the light goes out and we are thinking about tomorrow, a next great day.

How did I end up here? Mike Drost 2

You will probably wonder why I decided to do this, and especially why I chose for Vacansoleil. I used to go on holidays to campsites of Vacansoleil. I always liked going on a holiday to a campsite. Cool experiences that I still haven't forgotten. At one point I had to choose what kind of further education I wanted to do after high school. I had no idea. Then I heard about the Vacansoleil Leisure Academy and I decided that this was really my thing. During the Vacansoleil Leisure Acadmy I'm going on an internship every year at one of the campsites.

I knew the words 'bonjour', 'croissant' and 'baguette'...

Before I came to France I did not speak French very well. I knew the words 'bonjour', 'croissant' and 'baguette' and that was it. In total I spent 14 weeks at the campsite and now I'm able to have complete conversations in French. If it's something you really want, you can truly understand the language ánd speak it very good!

It's great to see that your work is appreciated Mike Drost 4

I've certainly experienced special things on the campsite. One day I got a message from my mother. She sent me a picture of a Zoover review. It was found that guests of the campsite had written a review and that they mentioned me in it. I had made a great impression on their children. When i read that, I felt very proud on myself! It's great to see that your work is appreciated and that you can give these kids the vacation of their lifetime. That's the best part of our job; giving children the best time of their lives. That's were you do it all for.

I had a great internship and I would like to say to everyone: grab this opportunity because it is an experience you will never forget, and it is a new step in your life!