Ilse Grimbergen - Receptionist Trainee France

Now it's almost time for me to head home. In other words, I've been in the South of France for 3 months already. I am in the first year of my tourism course and I am doing a 15-week internship as a receptionist on a campsite in France. What is a normal day like during my internship? Most people leave in the morning so my main task is to ensure that all departing guests are checked out, I also have to make invoices and take payments. The afternoon is when most people arrive so my tasks are, for example, to inform the guests and take them to their accommodation.

Besides that there are some little things that I have to take care of such as maintaining the cash register, cleaning the WiFi area, creating contracts, answering the phone and emails. These are all tasks that have to be done throughout the day. For me, the best moment of the day is when I have just checked in a family and taken them to their accommodation. As I cycle around the campsite there are people everywhere who say hello. That is something I get a lot of satisfaction from.

I live on the campsite, in a mobile home with my colleague from Vacansoleil. You are at work in no time and all the important things, like the beach and the supermarket, are around the corner (as is the campsite swimming pool). The downside of this is that sometimes the guests ask you something when you are not working or colleagues ask if you can help them out while you are eating. But still it is nice to recover from a hard day's work in your own mobile home. An internship abroad is definitely worth all the hard work, the better you speak the language, the more fun it is. Learning to speak a language is not easy but it sometimes makes for the most hilarious moments. For instance, I once asked for a pig of 30 Euros instead of a deposit... Fortunately, most guests understand and we can laugh about it!