Janneke Brouwer - Trainee Receptionist France

My name is Janneke Brouwer and I am 18 years old. I am studying tourism at the TIO University and I am taking the SRH course (flight attendant, receptionist, hostess). As part of my course, I needed an internship for 15 weeks and it wasn't long before I heard about Vacansoleil. Vacansoleil appealed to me because it is a large company that looks for an internship to suit each trainee.

On 4th May the adventure started. I did my internship in Sports information. My tasks were things like giving people information about the surrounding area, selling sport activities (canoeing, climbing and so on), renting out the sports equipment (tennis racquets, clubs for mini golf, volleyball, football and so on), giving out information about the animation program and renting out the bicycles and mountain bikes. I live on the campsite in a log cabin. It's a nice house with a double bed, small washbasin, a wardrobe, a fridge and air-conditioning. For the toilet and the shower I use the campsite sanitary facilities.

In the time that I have been here, I have experienced a lot of fun things. The best of these were the things we did with the staff. You work hard all week and so a day of relaxation with everyone is very pleasant. I have a been in France for a total of 4 months so far and the time has flown. I will never forget this amazing experience!