Joske has worked as head animator in France this summer

La belle France: Joske's home for this summer. To her, it was working and vacation at the same time.

My name is Joske. I have worked for Vacansoleil last summer. Working and having a vacation feeling at the same time. Who doesn't like that? For me it's the perfect reason to work as head animator at campsite L'etang des Haizes in France.

Joske Reusen 1What to do?

As head animator I was responsible for the animation program for the kids from 4 to 12 years old. I made the program every week, I evaluated the program with the campsite boss and I made sure that the intern Robin and me executed the program successfully.
Every day we started with a mini club where we crafted or painted each other up. In the afternoon we organised a game, and every night we took care of a theater show and mini disco. The program was offered in French, English and Dutch. Somtimes it was hard to know specific words (for example tightrope walking) in 3 languagues, but eventually it made me feel good to be able to perform a theater show in 3 languages!

Small moments of happiness

''I am stronger than you are. Yes but... I have bigger feet!'', said two discussing kids during the mini club. To me it were the small moments of happiness that made the work so much fun. For example the enthusiatic children who called my name all day long, the cheerful kids that showed me their crafts, or the proud parents when they saw their kids perform in the talent show.
Next to the animation work, it were also the conversations with guests, jokes the campsite boss made, and nice colleagues that made it such a great time! A summer full of new challenges, in which I have learned a lot. I would recommend anyone to do this kind of work!

Joske Reusen 2