A nice summer as an animator in Italy

This summer was the first year that Judith worked for Vacansoleil. How she has experienced this, you read here!

Hello! My name is Judith Wuts, I am 21 years old and last summer I have worked at campsite Holiday Village Florenz, via Vacansoleil. This campsite is located near Comacchio, in the north of Italy.

Working as the only Dutchie! Judith Wuts 2

At the campsite I managed the animation at the mini club. I did that together with an Italian colleague. At the beginning at had to get used to be part of an almost all-Italian team. I was in the team with 15 other people, of which 13 Italians and one girl from Slovakia. Sometimes the communication was a little difficult because Italians don't speak English very well, but with hands and feet we came a long way!

My working day began at 09:30

My working day always began at 09:30 with a meeting with the whole group. There someone explained what kind of tournamets we had that day, or other activities beside the miniclub. The program started at 10:00 and then we started preparing all the activities we were doing that morning. The morning program lasted until 12:30 and afterwards we had lunch together in the restaurant.

Judith Wuts 1

A break... and back to work at 15:30!

The afternoon program started at 15:30. Then we also started to set up everything for the afternoon activities. Every afternoon we had a tournament at 17:00. For exampe ping pong, a drawing contest or the 'who can make the craziest jump in the pool' contest. The afternoon program lasted until 18:00. Then we had dinner in the restaurant at 18:45.

From 20:00 dances, quizzes or staging a show

The evening program began at 20:00. We took a spin around the campsite to tell the guests about the program that evening. I did that in Dutch, German, English and after some time also in Italian. Then, at 20:30, the minidisco/babydance started, and at 21:30 we also did a quiz or a show. Sometimes it even happened that afterwards we had to practice  for a show, sometimes even until 01:00 at night.

I felt at ease with Vacansoleil

It is the first for me working for Vacansoleil, but it was my fourth season on a campsite in the animation. I have chosen for Vacansoleil this summer because the company appealed to me very much. When I came there for my intake I also felt at ease immediately, everyone who works there is very nice.

Judith Wuts 3

My Italian course was very useful!

I am very happy that I had the chance to work in Italy! Before I went there, I took an Italian course in Holland and that was very useful. Therefore it was easier for me to understand words of sentences when a colleague or a guest spoke to me. After one month it went a lot better and after two months I could make all reasonable sentences.

The campsite was 50 year old; one big party!

The best gift that I have experienced was the campsite's 50th anniversary, so therefore we had a couple of nice and big parties.

I will definately choose Vacansoleil the next time

My experience with Vacansoleil was great. They keep well in touch with you when you go to work and they also come visit you at your campsite. Even when I was back in Holland I received an email from my contact person about how the flight had gone and how everything has worked out for me. If I ever have time for animation work again, I would definately do it with Vacansoleil!

Greetz, Judith Wuts