A summer as head animator in Austria

Last season, Melissa Booiman was head animator at a campsite in Austria. She tells about her experiences here.

Last summer I worked at campsite Bella Austria in, of course, Austria. I was the head animator at this campsite. For me this was not only my first summer working as a head animator on a campsite, but also my first time working for Vacansoleil. So, a summer full of challenges :).

Melissa Booiman 1Crafts, scouting expeditions, bingo and a dinner party

I worked for four months in total with a very nice team. In the morning at 9:30 am we always walked across the campsite to pick up the children and take them to the crafts area. Along the way we got to hear all the stories about what Tipy and Flora were up to the night before, and all the things the kids did themselves. In the afternoon we often played games like stratego, soccer tournaments and scouting expeditions. In the evening Tipy and Flora showed up again and at 20.30 there was another activity for the whole family, such as bingo, boys versus girls or a pub quiz. Oh, and don't forget the dinner party with Tipy and Flora. That was a great success!

A big smile on my faceMelissa Booiman 3

I had to get used to the language in the beginning, but eventually I spoke even more German than Dutch. I have been back in Holland for a while now, but sometimes I still speak German mixed in with my Dutch, haha. You experience so much in such a season. For example, my colleagues and I often cried with laughter, appeared on stage as Tipy and Flora, or had kids who were so fond of you that they couldn’t be dragged away. But there were less pleasant things too, like a broken wrist or foot, that happened during (bottle)soccer. In general, it’s really so much fun and I walked around the campsite with a big smile on my face, all day long.

Work and passion

Working on a campsite all summer long is so much fun but, to be honest, it’s also hard work. You usually work six days a week and you have one day off. This was not a problem for me. The line between work/passion was so thin that most of the time I didn’t see it as ‘work’, not unless I had to make programs or had to have a staff consultation. But that’s a part of being a head animator!

An unforgettable experience!Melissa Booiman 4

I’ve had such a beautiful, instructive, fun and enjoyable season at the campsite, it truly is an unforgettable experience. If you don’t know what you want to do in the summertime, I would recommend everyone to apply for a job at Vacansoleil and to work at a campsite the whole summer!