Sharon tells about a day in the life of an animator

A glimpse behind the scenes of a swinging animation team at a great French campsite? Let animator Sharon Kokkelkoren show you around!

Hi everyone, my name is Sharon, 22 years old, a Vacansoleil animator. This summer I am working at campsite Domaine des Bans, an awesome campsite in the Vosges. This is my fifth season abroad. No, I don't have a nine-to-five job. Our days start early in the morning and end at .... well, actually you never stop working. But one thing I do know: it's a fantastic job. Read on and see what you think!

08.45. The alarm clock is ringing!

It's Sunday morning. For most people a day to relax, but not for me. I have a busy schedule ahead. I jump out of bed, take a shower, dress myself and have breakfast at the kitchen table at our 'apartment' at the campsite. I share this apartment with my roommate and animation colleague Walter. And then, let's go to work! It's a shame that the sun has gone into hiding today. Yep, that's the Vosges for you. Usually it's wonderful weather here but occasionally rains just like in the UK. There is one extra advantage here though: the magnificent green backdrop. Great for nature lovers. Anyhow, we will need an umbrella today instead of a sunshade. But that will not spoil the fun.

09.30. Off to the mini-club

Today I start in the mini-club, along with my colleagues Audrey 1, Audrey 2 (yes - two Audreys) and Justine.Children's animation is my favourite. Lots of laughs every morning! Compliments from the parents and children have made something beautiful. And being thanked afterwards. It gives me such satisfaction and a nice feeling! Also today. It is crowded: 35 kids that love to craft. Mainly French and Dutch kids, so we accompany them in two languages. We make royal crowns and cheerful hats. The kids are busy cutting, pasting and coloring. And chatting of course. And then see if they fit. Yes, 35 beautiful hats. Don't let them get wet in the rain!

Show Sharon12.00. Lunchtime

Some time for myself now. At 13.00 there is a voluntary animation rehearsal planned, for tonight's show. But I already know my dance steps. So I can relax at 'home' with some music.

14.30. Kids cinema

I'm on my way to the mini club, the  meeting point for all activities for the little ones. This afternoon we make a mini-cinema there. We play Brave, a real kids blockbuster. Perfect entertainment for a rainy afternoon. Together we walk to the theater of the campsite. There is our 'cinema'. After the movie we bring the kids back to the mini club, where they can be picked up by their parents. Then back to the theater. Setting up chairs for the audience tonight. It's almost showtime. But first, some dinner.

Team Sharon Kokkelkoren19.30. In the picture

Photo moment with the entire animation crew of Domaine des Bans. The official team picture in the theater. We look good! After that is is time for the Pot D'Acceuill. The what?! Yes, let me explain. That is the welcome-meeting for new guests on the campsite. A nice introduction with a snack, a drink and a dance. You can leave that up to us! 

21.00. Showtime!

When it's your own show it creates a lot of hassle. But it is so very cool too! We have devised a varied program. Sketches, dance, theatre. I also do a solo dance to a song from Flashdance. I love it! After a few stressful moments, it goes really well with resounding applause. Afterwards we will be inundated with compliments. Praise from the chief animator and colleagues too, 'Wow, you were so energetic! "and "Your solo was really super cool!" I'm bursting with pride. After a short afterparty I'm enjoying a rest on my deckchair in our 'backyard'. Eventually I switched the deckchair for my real bed, because Monday is also a normal working day.