Laura Scott - Animator

My name is Laura, I am English from London and I have studied Modern Languages at University. So far, I have worked two seasons for Vacansoleil as Chief Animator and can’t wait to do my third next summer!

From a young age I always wanted to work in the Leisure and Tourism Industry, having spent my teenage years working as a Birthday Party Host in the UK. Eager to broaden my horizons and get more experience the Animator position with Vacansoleil stood out to me - the possibility to incorporate my love of languages, working with children, travel abroad, working outdoors and of course my enthusiastic personality and energy..

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After singing and dancing through my Skype interview (you don’t have to I just got carried away!) I was soon heading off to the Netherlands for Animator Training - it was all a huge adventure and in fact I made a holiday out of my trip stopping off in Eindhoven and Amsterdam too… The training week is perhaps the thing I most look forward to each year!

You step out of the free Wifi (standard in Dutch trains) into the aroma of the countryside and are immediately plunged into Dutch culture as all the other young Dutch Animators wrestling with their luggage realise everyone must be headed for the same place! These people become your best friends for the week (often longer – I am still in touch with people I met at my first training) and I can guarantee you will probably never laugh so much any other week of the year! I was truly amazed at how friendly everyone was and how much fun we all had. The training involves learning to act, dance, dress up as the mascot, teach and play sports and games and even how to face paint and host evening specials. You meet likeminded Animators who are the most fun people in the world and also the wonderful people from Vacansoleil Head Office who will be at the end of the phone supporting you throughout your season all summer such that you never feel alone. Throughout the training you eat Dutch food and inevitably learn some Dutch words (but everyone speaks great English too, as well as many other languages). The regime during training is pretty intense, but it is just a taster of the season ahead, leaving you feeling entirely prepared and is so much fun - like a holiday camp for grown-ups!

After the excitement of the training everyone heads off to their different campsites around Europe wishing each other ‘veel geluk’. This is where the real work starts with real guests, but also the real pleasure and purpose of the job. There really is nothing better than waking up each morning with the promise of a theatre full of children eager to discover what adventures, arts, and crafts they will experience with Tipy and Flora that day, plenty of teenagers to play sports and games with, the whole campsite dressing up and coming together in the evening for the main event – the minidisco, sometimes with Zipp! And if that’s not enough relaxing at the pool at lunchtime or on the beach with a campfire watching shooting stars all night is surely enough to persuade you this is the best job in the world. But after all, they say seeing is believing so don’t hesitate to apply, I promise you will have one unforgettable experience, and probably keep on coming back for more!

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