Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find an answer to the most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

1. Is it possible to work on a campsite together with a friend?

You can mention that you would like to work with a friend. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to place the two of you at the same campsite. This depends on the campsite,the jobs you apply for and the availability of vacancies. We will try our best but your chance of a job will significantly increase when you also consider working alone.
Note: we do hire couples for some courier positions.

2. How old do I have to be to work at a campsite?

You have to be at least 18 years old to be able to work for Vacansoleil at a campsite. If you are a student who has to perform a traineeship, at least 16 years old and your school can provide you with a traineeship convention, we sometimes do make an exeption.

3. What kind of accommodation will be offered during my stay?

The kind of accommodation you will be living/sleeping in differs per campsite. The campsite will ensure you to have a good place to sleep. Possible types of accommodation include: a tent, room, (old) mobil home. You may have to share your accommodation with other employees and/or have to use the campsite's sanitary block. Couriers sleep in a fully equipped Vacansoleil bungalow tent.

4. Do I have to speak multiple languages to be able to work at a campsite?

As a campsite employee you help guests of different nationalities and have international colleagues. Therefore it is important to speak good English and preferably also speak the language of the country in which you will be working. Language requirements differ per vacancy and depend on the origin of the majority of customers staying on the campsite, languages spoken by the current team members and the campsite management etc. Having a good knowledge of English and a second foreign language such as German, Spanish, Italian, French or Danish is a real advantage. As a courier you should speak English and German to be able to communicate with all Vacansoleil guests. It is a plus point if you also speak French, Spanish and/or Italian.

5. Will I be working in a team?

On all campsites you will be working in a team. This team consists of employees from the campsite and one or more employees from Vacansoleil. It depends on the size of the campsite if you will be the only person in your specific role or if you will be working as a team. At smaller campsites you may be the only person responsible for a specific job at the campsite. As an animator for example, you would be the person responsible for providing the entertainment and activities.

As a courier you can work alone, as a couple or within a team.

6. What will my salary be?

The salary depends on the country in which you work, the job you have and the campsite you work at.

7. How long should I be available to work for Vacansoleil?

If you want to work at a campsite via Vacansoleil, you have to be available for at least 8 weeks during high season; in general these are the months July and August. At a small number of campsites it is possible to work for a shorter period. There are also possibilities to work for a longer period; at least July and August, as long as March to November. Couriers have to be available from April until October. There are a few campsites that require employees for a longer or shorter period. If you are interested in becoming part of a (de)montage team, please check the working period detailed in the specific vacancy.

8. What kind of facilities does the campsite have?

This depends on the campsite. If you are placed at a campsite, you can find all facilities it has in our brochure or on For specific questions, you can contact the campsite. Once you are placed we will give you all required contact details.

9. Can I go back home during my working period at the campsite?

You can only return home to visit relatives in case of an emergency, for example for surgery, death or major illness of a family member. If you need to go to a special occasion, like a wedding or exam, you have to talk this through with the campsite before you start working there.

10. Will I get meals at the campsite?

Some campsites provide meals to their staff and on other campsites you will be given a discount to buy meals at their restaurant. You may also have to take care of your own meals. We will inform you about this when you made the offer of the campsite.

11. How do I get to the campsite?

You have to arrange your own trip, either by public or private transport. Before you depart to the campsite we will give you the travel information you'll need. Along with the address of the campsite, your maximum amount of travel expenses will be noted. The travel expenses paid by Vacansoleil are based on a fixed amount depending on the campsite you travel to. When travelling by public transport, you can contact the campsite before booking your tickets and ask if someone can pick you up at the nearest train/bus station.

12. How many hours per week do I have to work?

The number of working hours per day/week can differ a lot between different campsites. It is possible that one day you will start early in the morning and finish late in the evening while you will be off the next day. Other campsites may have fixed schedules for their employees. Be aware of the fact that in most cases, and especially during high season, you will be working 6 days a week. You always have one day off per week.

13. Can I choose which campsite I work at?

We will always try to take your preferences into account. You can let us know in which country you want to work, what kind of campsites you like, etc. However, we cannot guarantee that you will get a job at your favourite campsite. Our employees have a lot of knowledge about the different campsites and are often able to judge what kind of campsite would suit you. Sometimes your profile does not fit the requirements of the campsite that you prefer but we are looking for someone with your qualifications for another really nice campsite, then we will discuss this opportunity with you.

14. Where will my interview take place?

Your interview will be at our office in Eindhoven (in the Netherlands) or via Skype. As soon as you receive an invitation for an interview, you will be given more details about the exact location or our Skype account.

15. Do I receive a reimbursement for my travel expenses for the job interview?

We do not reimburse your travel expenses for the job interview. We ask for your understanding in this matter.

16. What kind of educational program should I follow in order to be eligible to do a traineeship within Vacansoleil?

We offer traineeships for students from different educational programs, such as leisure & tourism, hospitality, catering school, etc. Depending on your specific program, we may also have options for you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your specific educational background as regards the possibilities for a traineeship with Vacansoleil.